Lindsay Lohan “Outed” Again: Daisy Lowe – Mark Ronson’s Girlfriends Confirms


Samantha Ronson blowing Lindsay Lohan a kiss on Labor Pains set

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha’s relationship has been “outed” again by Daisy Lowe, girlfriend to Mark Ronson, Samantha’s brother.

Lindsay Lohan, actress, and DJ Samantha Ronson have been spotted kissing publicly and holding hands, but still have yet to come out and admit they are a couple.

But it seems as if Samantha’s brother, Mark Ronson’s girlfriend, Daisy Lowe is doing it for them!

Daisy Lowe, a model and daughter of Gavin Rossdale, and dating Mark Ronson, says she hung out with Samantha and Lindsay in April in the United States, says their relationship is “totally genuine” and has Mark Ronson’s approval.

Daisy Lowe told The Sun : “I met Sam and Lindsay for the first time during the weekend before the Coachella festival. Sam is an amazing girl. The four of us had a brilliant time – a real laugh. indsay is really down to earth. Her and Sam make a lovely couple – they seem really happy.”

Lowe continued saying, “Their relationship is totally genuine. And they’re just so sweet together.”

Daisy says Mark is happy for Lindsay and Samantha, “Mark totally approves. But we’re not going to double-date again – I mean, would you go on a date with your brother?”

Daisy Lowe also added, “It’s just a bit weird and anyway they live in LA, so it’s kinda difficult. But I’d definitely love to see them again.”

It seems Lindsay Lohan would just go ahead and come out of the closet by now! Ronson purchased Lindsay a “commitment ring” worth $22,000 for her recent birthday. And just this week, Samantha was snapped blowing a kiss to Lindsay Lohan as she left the set of “Labor Pains”, the new movie Lohan is filming.

Do you guys think Lindsay should go ahead and “come out” or do you feel it’s her private life and no one else’s business?

Daisy Lowe Photo with Mark Ronson: confirms Lohan\'s relationshipLindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson photo on Labor Pains setLindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson in cannes

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