Lee Ryan splits with Samantha Miller.


Lee Ryan has broken his engagement to Samantha Miller. She is 5 months pregnant with his baby and very upset over this.

Lee Ryan moved out of the couple’s home and shifted in with Simon Webbe, an ex band mate of Blue band. Lee left Samantha heartbroken as she contemplated facing life alone as a single mother.

Lee Ryan first fell in love with Samantha Miller after she posted her sexy pictures in his MySpace page. They met up and dated for a few months and Lee dropped the bombshell on his family and friends. He told them that he was engaged to Samantha Miller and that they had planned to get married. Suddenly, without advance warning, he has announced his break with Samantha Miller.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN


  1. hey lee exist in the planet other beatiful girl with university studies…

    or misis millar is a rich one..

    she s not a beautiful one and her face is very older..

    ye it is skiny..just that..hey lee u haven t another change in life u just be with her in the next 100 years..she became famous and rich with a good guy who had talent money…

    she have u never let u go…u r liberty is imprisoned…be happy…

  2. so cool guy,does he still hook up with those tall beauties on the tall dating site ___Tallmingle.com___ ???The last time I saw his profile is last monday, hope he does not leave.


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