Laura Tennessen Corpse Sex Case: Wisconsin Bans Sex With Dead Bodies


Laura Tennessen prompts law against sex with dead bodies

Laura Tennessen, 20, died in a motorcycle accident and became somewhat of an internet celebrity, after three Wisconsin men attempted to dig up her body in order to have sex with her.

Laura Tennessen was a nursing assistant, who died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. She was a passenger on the Honda motorcycle, driven by Thomas Sweet, 20, when they were flung from the motorcycle when Sweet lost control. Deputies stated that alcohol and speed were the main factors in the accident, and that neither Tennessen or Sweet were wearing helmets. Tennessen died from her injuries, while Sweet only sustained minor injuries.

As sad as the accident is, it is only the first part of a story that just gets “more sick”.

A few days after Tennessen’s death, three Wisconsin men spotted her obituary, and obviously found her quite attractive, and decided to dig up Tennessen’s body to have sex with her. Nicholas Grunke ( son of a Methodist minister), his twin brother Alex, and their friend Dustin Radke all plotted this disgusting act.

Police said the three Wisconsin men were carrying shovels, a crowbar, and a box of condoms to the cemetary to dig up the dead body of Laura Tennessen, who had died the week before in the motorcycle wreck.

Nicholas Grunke had viewed her photo in the obituary and asked his brother and friend to aid in helping dig up her corpse so that he could have sexual intercourse with it.

The three guys used shovels to reach her grave, but were not able to pry open the vault. After seeing the abandoned car, police questioned Alex Grunke, who was acting very nervous, and he admitted to police the scheme, and that his cohorts were digging up Tennessen’s coffin.

When the police arrived at the gravesite, Nicolas Grunke and Radke were gone, though cops noticed that a hole had been dug down to the concrete vault encasing the woman’s coffin. Nicholas Grunke and Radke were later arrested while walking about eight miles from the cemetery.

Wisconsin passed a law yesterday, banning sex with dead bodies, and reinstating charges against the three men. The court had to go into the nasty case after lower court judges in Wisconsin said there were no laws there banning necrophilia. The lower court decisions outraged the public, and a state lawmaker pushed to make having sex with a corpse a crime.

In Wisconsin, the law now states that sex acts with dead people are considered illegal, as the corpse is not able to give consent. Sounds crazy, but I guess that is true!

This ruling now reinstates the sexual assault charges against the twin brothers, Nicolas and Alexander Grunke and friend Dustin Radke, all guys are 22. The charges could carry a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.

The judge, Patience Roggensack, said sexual intercourse is banned with anyone that cannot give consent, “whether a victim is dead or alive at the time”. And continued saying, “A reasonably well-informed person would understand the statue to prohibit sexual intercourse with a dead person, ” she wrote.

This legal ruling brings Wisconsin into line with more than 20 other states that prohibit necrophilia or the abuse of a corpse.

With sickos like this around, perhaps we don’t want to look too sexy or attractive in our obituary photos. What do you guys think about this case?

Nicolas Grunke, one of 3 men that tried to have sex with corpse of Laura TennessenAlexander Grunke, one of 3 men accused of attempting to have sex with the dead body of TennessenDustin Radke, one of 3 men accused of trying to have sex with Laura Tennessen\'s dead body

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  1. I like to have sex with dead animals but the cops keep catching me. They have to let me go each time so I go out and keep doing it some more. Dead horses are the best. They can't charge me with anything because making love to dead animals isn't against the law. I dug up a dog when I was a kid and masturbated to it.

  2. Sure are a lot of necrophiles on this page. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody posted links to some necrophiliac porn soon.

  3. That's all we need, more laws.

    Here they go barring sex with corpses!

    Why? What's so wrong with banging cadavers?

    Hows a guy like me sopposed to get laid these days??

  4. United States

    As of May 2006, there is no federal legislation specifically barring sex with a corpse.[16] Multiple states have their own laws:

    Alabama – Class C felony under 13A-11-13

    Alaska – Class A misdemeanor under 11-61-130

    Arkansas – Class D felony under 5-60-101

    Arizona – Class 4 felony under 32-1364

    California – Felony under Health and Safety Code 7052, up to eight years in prison

    Colorado – Class 2 misdemeanor under 18-13-101

    Connecticut – Class A misdemeanor under 53a-73a

    Delaware – Class A misdemeanor under 11-5-1332

    Florida – Second degree felony under chapter 872.06

    Georgia – Felony, up to 10 years in prison under 16-6-7

    Hawaii – Misdemeanor under 7

    Iowa – Class D felony under 709.18

    Minnesota and Nevada also have laws prohibiting necrophilia[17]

    Nevada Class A felony with a maximum penalty of life in prison with the possibility of parole under NRS 201.450

    Ohio – Second/fifth degree misdemeanor under 2927.01

    Oregon – Felony for "Abuse of Corpse" ORS 166.085

    Pennsylvania – Second degree misdemeanor under Title 18 §5510

    Texas – Class A misdemeanor [3]

    Washington – Class C felony for "Sexually violating human remains" RCW 9A.44.105

    Wisconsin – Class G felony under 940.225 (7)

    Hawaii – They have forced sex with the perpetrator of such crime, accompanied with a 25 to life sentence.

  5. We can cremate (burn) a body to ashes, plug, glue and cork their asses, toss a body over board out to sea for fish food, bury a body in the dirt, disect it into pieces and placed in another human for donations or hide it in concrete vaults, but god forbid the dead have more sex than the living? A bid morbid I agree and perhaps devastating on the living, but in all reality once you are dead you are dead, no emotion or feelings are placed upon the corpse only the desperate who can not get laid by the living. When you die you no longer have the fruits or benefits of the living including a dead sex act. Perhaps people should stipulate that in their WILLS, NO SEX with me after I die! A bit sick, but the judges are making up their own laws as usual, NOT deciphering the laws. The 3 boys were publicly humilated, their faces and story plastered world wide on the net to a law that stated they were not violating Wisconsin laws. So to whom do we harm the most, the living? Now these 3 boys are labeled forever as perverts that will haunt them the rest of their dying days! It was a 20 year old speeding and drinking who lost control in the first place and didn't respect the living or the girls right to a safe ride on public roads. Had the 20 year old boyfriend been law abiding and respected another party sitting behind him and her life to begin with, NOBODY would be reading or responding to this web-site. The chain reaction appears to lay solely on the 3 perverts in a cemetary more than a 20 year old asshole plowing down the road under the consumption of alcohol. I do believe one person is more guilty of losing a human life than 3 sicko's desiring a beautiful corpse. I doubt the girl gave consent in a giggly manner to the 20 year old boy to drink and go faster and faster and lets see who lives if you wreck. My purpose to this note is it appears the truely guilty of life is being faded by the 3 who came a week later after death to do an act. Meanwhile the heart wrenching act was already splattered on the highway. Digging up graves to rob or have sex with the dead is messed up, but to let the 20 year old off who created this death should not be forgotten. The 20 year old could not have loved her, otherwise he would of protected her best interest at all costs by not speeding and drinking while operating a motorcycle and more so without helmets!

  6. Ernesto:

    You are the moron; when they stitch up a cadaver's ass, cunt or mouth they do it so the carcass won't fart or burp at the viewing. They stuff a cork in the throat, that keeps the gases of decomposition from making the living gawkers from retching from the vile odor.

  7. When you die you are sealed up . meaning any and all opening's are sealed glued shut. they do this to prevent anything from entering the body second these 3 morons thought you can just digg up and open a casket well if its a metal one you can't its locked pretty good and second the top of the vault in a thick concrete it 's not going to happen . but i hope these morans get the book thown at them .

  8. this is in regards to 'corpse fucker';

    you are a sick bastard and should rot in hell. this young woman was a bright and intelligent young woman and should not be talked about in this way. let the dead 'rest in peace'. you are sick and obviously lacking in the romance dept and i can see why, no one in their RIGHT MIND would ever get close to you.

    Karma is a bitch and that nasty comment will come back to you.

    i hope you die a slow and painful death.

  9. I dunno about you guys, but i personally think

    they should have waited until she was rotten

    and maggot infested! I love robbing graves! In fact let me know when one of you die so i can

    have my way with your lifeless bodies!!

  10. the dating scene that bad in Wisconsin..It’s a damn shame when people can’t REST IN PEACE….Sick ass white people…

  11. That's messed up. Especially considering she probably died from a head wound. This is a good reason that prostitution should be make legal. Guys like these have trouble getting laid and they have resort to digging up a girl. If they had other alternatives then maybe they wouldn't have had to do this sick crap?


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