Larry Mendte charged for hacking Alycia Lane’s email.


Alycia Lane’s bikini picture.

Larry Mendte, 51, has been charged with hacking into Alycia Lane’s emails and leaking them to the press. Sources said Mendte and Lane, 34, were friendly on camera but bitter rivals off camera.

Insiders claimed Larry Mendte was jealous of his younger co-presenter’s bigger salary. Lane’s personal email, with her bikini photo, to her married colleague, Rich Eisen, was leaked to the press. The email was intercepted by the friend’s wife, Suzy Shuster, and she sent back a seething reply. Lane suffered embarrassment.

In early 2008, Alycia Lane was arrested on an assault charge. Her correspondence and details with her lawyer were leaked to newspapers. Lane was fired by her TV station.

Prosecutors claimed Mendte hacked into Lane’s email accounts at least 500 times in 2 years. If he gets convicted, he will face 6 months jail. Larry Mendte was fired in June after FBI raided his home and removed his computers for investigation.

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