Larry King Divorce: Larry King & Shawn Southwick King Divorcing (Photos)


Larry King’s ex wife Shawn Southwick overdosed on pills, click here for the story and listen to the 911 call.

Larry King divorcing wife number 7? Larry King is rumored to be heading towards divorce with wife, Shawn Southwick King. UPDATE: Larry King just filed for divorce this afternoon!

UPDATE:   Larry King has filed for divorce!   CNN Talk Show Host, Larry King, obviously loves the idea of marriage, so much so that he is on his 7th wife currently.

Now Larry King is rumored to be heading towards divorce with 7th wife Shawn Southwick King.

Shawn Southwick King, 48, had entered a rehab facility last month for her addiction to painkillers. Shawn has chronic migraines, and took the painkillers to cope with their severe pain.

Shawn Southwick King and Larry King have been married for eleven years. The couple has two sons together, Chance Armstrong, 9, and Cannon Edward, 8.

Larry King and Shawn have apparently had a rocky relationship, and the couple was spotted having a bad argument that got out of hand, outside a restaurant last year.

Larry King had denied the fight was serious, but The National Enquirer claims that they fight constantly.

They also are reporting that Larry King is already making plans to divorce Shawn Southwick King, after she is out of rehab.

Shawn Southwick King will be out of rehab this month, but is likely to stay in an after-care facility.

Larry King is said to be ready with divorce papers to present once wife Shawn is out of rehab.

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  1. To Diane

    If you think Larry Kings interveiwing is pathetic and he's senile < Why are ' YOU" watching . thats why we have remotes to change the channel..I happen to think he's great as ever.. think before you speak.. only a dimwit -would watch something they didn't like!

  2. Maybe his divorce plans can explain his pathetic interviewing skills lately. He almost appears senile and I really think he should consider leaving the show completely as he's starting to look like a fool at this point.

  3. How skinny is his wife? He obviously wants to trade her in for Wife 8.0 which is a better version and has more meat on it…

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