Lara Logan Pregnant With Joseph Burkett’s Baby From Affair: Couple to Marry


Lara Logan pregnant with Joe Burkett\'s baby, affair while in Iraq

Lara Logan, former CBS foreign affairs news correspondent, is pregnant from her affair with a married man, Joseph “Joe” Burkett. Lara Logan was married once before to Jason Sieman. See Lara Logan post and pictures below.

After four years of living in Baghdad, CBS news correspondent, Lara Logan has been a hit of the tabloids. Word of her love triangle with Joe Burkett and a CNN correspondent, Michael Ware, soon spread.

Lara Logan, as a foreign affairs correspondent, risked her life daily to report on the war in Iraq. But personally Lara Logan was dealing with her own “wars”. She and her husband had separated, and Lara began dating a CNN correspondent, Michael Ware. Shortly afterward, Logan began dating Joseph Burkett, 36, a U.S. State Department contractor stationed in Iraq who was separated from his wife back in Texas.

And yet another scandal brews in the steamy mix: Lara’s reported romance with a star CNN correspondent ““ Michael Ware, whose jealousy exploded in a battle royal with Burkett in a Baghdad “safe house.”

CBS News that Lara Logan was given a new Washington assignment as chief foreign-affairs correspondent. Now, after being transferred to Washington for a new position with the network, Logan finds out recently that she is pregnant.

“Nobody likes to read about themselves like that, especially the way it’s been sensationalized,” Logan says of the coverage that spread to the front page of the New York News which called her a “sexy CBS siren” and “in-bedded reporter.” “I hated it. But I’m just going to rise above it and keep going.” The baby is due in January, she says, and she is “looking forward to being a mom.”

Logan, 37, says she and Joe Burkett plan to get married eventually. Lara Logan’s divorce from her husband of nine years, Jason Siemon, a former European basketball player, is slated to become final in two weeks. Burkett’s divorce is likely to end next month. But Burkett’s divorce case is extremely ugly, with Burkett’s estranged wife Kimberly, the mother of their 3-year-old daughter, charging that Logan broke up her marriage.

At the time, Burkett was separated from his wife of 3 1/2 years. He had been in Afghanistan and Iraq, for most of Kimberly Burkett’s pregnancy and most of their marriage, according to a family friend who declined to be identified because of a confidentiality agreement the pending divorce case. The friend said the marriage had long been rocky and that Kimberly Burkett had asked for a divorce several times. Joseph Burkett would not be interviewed.

In January, Burkett flew home to file for divorce, and acknowledged to his wife that he had begun a relationship with Logan. Kimberly, 32, was hospitalized after taking an overdose of tranquilizers, according to the family friend.

At a court hearing that month, Joseph Burkett told the judge he was having an extramarital affair, and his attorney said that was not the reason for the divorce.

Logan became pregnant shortly before leaving Baghdad in April, although she did not know it at the time. Logan had spent the previous two months involved in negotiations that freed a kidnapped CBS videographer, Richard Butler, and says she felt that Iraq had become too dangerous for her. But she still hopes to report from there in the future.

The pregnancy was unplanned. Logan says she lost one of her fallopian tubes during an ectopic pregnancy years ago and believed at her age it was highly unlikely that she could get pregnant. The news came at a time when she was looking to change her life. At CBS, Logan says, “they let me run around the world doing everything I want to do. It’s a dream job, but it comes at a cost.”

You can read more details on the love triangle and background story here.

With there being a love triangle and the two men fighting over her in Iraq, how is she certain the baby is Joseph “Joe” Burkett’s and not Michael Wares?

Lara Logan pregnant from affair in Iraq with Joe Burnkett\'s babyLara Logan, former CBS foreign affairs correspondent pregnant from affair with Joe BurkettLara Logan former CBS news correspondent pregnant from affair with Joe Burkett, to marryLara Logan photo former CBS news correspondent pregnant from affair with Joe Burkett, to marryLara Logan former CBS news correspondent pregnant from affair with Joe Burkett, to marry

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  1. “It’s okay, baby, I can’t get pregnant. No need to wear that rubber.”

    I’m not a prude, far from it, but I have no interest in seeing Lara Logan anymore. She was screwing a contractor who was probably screwing the US government. She’s lost all credibility.


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