Kimberly Stewart & Rhys Ifans are dating.


Kimberly Stewart.

Rhys Ifans, 40, has a new girlfriend to help him get over his past relationship with Sienna Miller. She is Kimberly Stewart, 28, the daughter of Rod Stewart.

This comes as no surprise to some people as Kimberly has been associated with one ex boyfriend of Sienna Miller in the past. Kimberly Stewart had dated Jude Law, one of Sienna’s ex, 2 months ago.

Rhys and Sienna had been dating for 9 months while rumors of their impending engagement and marriage surfaced everywhere. After the split, Sienna said that their romance was never that serious to her.

Rhys Ifans took the break rather badly. He sought moral support from his friends in London’s celebrity Primrose Hill set. He was seen in the company of Kate Moss and Davinia Taylor.

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