Kevin Blatt can’t sell away Verne Troyer’s Sex Tape.


Verne Troyer, aka Mini Me, has shown that he could deal with the man who tried to sell away his sex tape.

Kevin Blatt, the man who had the original full length copy of Verne Troyer’s sex tape, can not sell it now, unless Verne Troyer gives his consent. The Mini Me actor has settled with Blatt in this way. Troyer’s lawyer said that Verne would consent only when his movie, “The Love Guru”, makes above $100 million in box office.

That is taken to imply that Troyer will never give his consent to Kevin Blatt because The Love Guru will never make that much money.

Troyer had sued TMZ for airing a small portion of his sex tape after his ex girlfriend, Ranae Shrider, gave permission to do so. He has now dismissed that portion of the lawsuit.

Source: tmz

Pics: WENN



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