Kendra Wilkinson To Leave “Girls Next Door”?: Kendra To Have Own Show?


Kendra Wilkinson is considering leaving “The Girls Next Door” and life as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend in the Playboy Mansion. So is there trouble in “Playboy Paradise”? Update: Kendra to have her own show?

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Update: Supposedly In Touch Weekly has reported that Kendra Wilkinson might be moving out of the Playboy Mansion after they finish taping the fifth season of “Girls Next Door”.

An inside source told In Touch, “Kendra Wilkinson has been offered her own reality show about starting her life over again when she moves out of the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefer knows her time is coming. ”

Rumors have swirled that Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison want Kendra out of there! Of course the girls have denied these statements. Or could there simply not be room for a fourth if Dasha Astafieva, Hefner’s newest brunette girlfriend, moves into the Playboy Mansion. Read about Dasha Astafieva here.

Kendra Wilkinson is said to not really be Hef’s girlfriend, and is saying she wants to leave the “Girls Next Door” show.

The New York Post claims that Kendra, 21, was just cast to add some youth next to the other ladies in Hugh Hefner’s “harem” including Bridget Marquardt, 34, and Holly Madison, 28.

Kendra Wilkinson is also said to break the rules, like not dating anyone but Hugh Hefner. Sounds completely one-sided, but Hef’s girls can all have sex with him, but are supposed to only be with him. Yuck!

“Holly and Bridget hate her,” a friend of Wilkinson told Page Six. “They’re totally jealous. She has her own empire now. She’s got a clothing line, a modeling career and an exercise empire. They’re just sitting there hangin’ with Hef.”

The friend expounds, “Kendra was never really Hef’s girlfriend. She was cast for the show [E!’s “˜The Girls Next Door’] because Bridget and Holly are old, and they needed a young hot girl for Hef. She was selected from a bunch of Playmate wannabes.” Wilkinson is said to be contemplating her exit from “The Girls Next Door” and the famed mansion next season. “She’s definitely out,” her friend said. “There are too many rules and Holly and Bridget want her gone. They’re so mean to her.”

Wilkinson seems to have a tough time adhering to the rules of the Playboy mansion, which include a curfew and a strict “no dating other men” line. “She goes out all the time really late and parties,” her pal says. “She’s definitely been linked with other guys . . . She likes rappers and sports guys.”

There have been rumors that Kendra Wilkinson is indeed dating other people, including other women.

The rep for Playboy denies there are any rifts between the girls. Hefner’s rep told the Post, “”˜Hef has always been clear that the girls were his girlfriends before the show was even signed off on. “˜”

This is interesting… Holly Madison (Hef’s main girlfriend) just addressed the rumors on her blog. Does it seem as if she is protesting too much? Read below:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stupid Rumors

I am so sick of all the dumb rumors going around. Especially since every gossip outlet tries to outdo the one that beat them to the punch first by making the stories more and more ridiculous.

The stories about Kendra and I not getting along are so stale. I think we get along better than ever. When I was in New York and she was in Mexico, we were texting each other all the time. Just because I am usually seen out with Bridget and other friends does not mean I don’t like Kendra. We just don’t do as many things together outside the Mansion.

I am so sick of all the “sources” that are quoted. If TMZ wants to take a video of me and make it funny, that’s fine. But Page 6 quoting a dumbass hater that has no clue what they are talking about is lame. Especially when they don’t even bother to get my side or Kendra’s side of the story. The most they get is a generic response from our pr.

The latest Page 6 story is especially dumb. Saying I am jealous of Kendra because she has an “empire” and I’m “just sitting around with Hef”? What “empire”? I guess because I have a real full-time job aside from The Girls Next Door (excuse me for having a brain and having something REAL going on in my life as opposed to following in the footsteps of the socialite-of-the-week) means I am “sitting around” doing nothing. I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing something.

According to this source, Kendra was never Hef’s girlfriend and was brought on specifically for the show. None of this is true. No one was even discussing a show about “Hef’s girlfriends” untill long after Kendra had moved in.

All 3 of us have projects we are working on, including spin-off pilots, and expect to do several projects together in the future. That’s all I have to say about that.

Peace out-Holly

Well, apparently Kendra herself wanted to weigh in on all the rumors and had this to say on her blog today:

Says Kendra:

“what the hell is goin on??? haha

Ok i really dont know whats goin on out there in media world i feel like its me against the world right now. The internet is evil and people have every right to judge but i just wish people would be a lil more sensitive..I never said i was leaving, i never talk shit, i never try n step on anyone up here. Im just tryin to do what i gotta do to live and survive in this cold, nasty world n no im not meaning playboy mansion world, dont twist that haha!!
The show and the media can make me out to be whatever the hell they want me to be and its out of my hands. I cant sit here everyday n try n change peoples minds n get peole to love me, but i cant and i dont expect everyone to love me. I have my family and my couple close friends i love and that will do anything for me n i love all of my fans n i try to do my best and show my appreciation..all you can do is try and if you feel like in your heart you are giving everyday 100% i think thats all that should matter and yes things dont always workout in life like buisness but i dont give up, im a fuckin fighter n ima keep on fightin!!
I am a very stong person but i get really sad when people and people i frickin live with believe rumors n gossip. I really dont go on the internet cuz like i said, Its evil! but every now n then ill change my music on my page and write blogs defending myself hahaha!! Yes i know i have an annoying laugh but ITS MY LAUGH n theres nothin i can do bout that so im sorry if yall have to put up w it!!!!
I thought things up here at the mansion were better than ever n thought people were getting along great! just cuz we arent always together doesnt mean we r at war!! Im kinda sad right now and i love all you that understand me!! k gotta go n get ready for the espys love yall!!!

So do you think there is something to these rumors, seems to be lots of back-handed compliments in Holly’s post?

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  1. I miss the old "Girls Next Door". Kendra with her funny laugh, Bridget with her lovely personality and Holly that is dedicated to Hef. I didn't get into the program right away but they really had a good time, even with their clothes on, Love ya girls

  2. all of you people are stupid as hell. seriously if guys don't like kendra & holly, then quit talking shit. apparently you haters are jealous, why the fuck take time in your life & post up shit? yeah bitches shut the fuck up & quit talking shit. you haters are making them more famous.

    peace bitches.

  3. Holly need too realize when you sleeping with a man that sleeping with two more girls in more you gain a bad reputation so it don't matter what she say too the media they will never have respect for her.She claim too have brain then her brain should have told her too move on before she hit age twenty eight.

  4. do u know that the twins are up to no good. I live in St pete, fl and we have a newspaper that comes out every tuesday and its nothing but jail pics its called cell mates well newayz the twins were in it for battary/assualt the twins do0nt deserve to b in the mansion KENDRA IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!! I ALSO LOVE HOLLY AND BRIDGET KEEP UR HEADS UP GIRLS DONT FORGET U HAVE ME!

  5. Honestly, I don't pay attention to the rumors until there really true and they say it them self. Most rumors that are said with famous people are wrong, mixed up, or lies. Now see, If I was famous I wouldn't like that myself. If I seen something that was so made up into a rumor that's a lie, I would also be pissed it was even started. Even if the rumors are true, you don't live in the playboy mansion so you can't really judge on what really happens there, know matter what you read in magazines or see on t.v. Give the girls a break, their famous because of the show and other reasons…let it good. Mia you had no room to call Kendra "stupid" when you named call Holly "a jealous bitch." Here's a hint, next time watch what you say because YOU'RE ALSO BRINGING SOMEONE DOWN because of what you said. And for the girls next door, keep your head up and don't ever let anyone bring you down. It's best to stay away from the drama, then being in between it. As a famous person it's good idea to stop reading all the drama that's not true. It's less to deal with….good luck with everything girls! christina

  6. Itz true kendra iz da star of da show cuz she makez da show funny n excitin . W/o her da show would b borin n stupid . Don't get me wrong I lik holly n briget . But kendra iz my girl . She kick azz ! They got 2 do their thing n 4get wat ppl say cuz they juz make thingz twisted 4 no more.

  7. I' ve been watching this show for awhile and i think its really funny i wouldn't mind if one girl left but 2 thts 2 to many. the show wouldn't be the same with out alittle touch of all three of them but i'm sad it came to an end =[

  8. i love all tha girls!i think there awsome but i have to agree,kendra is the life of the show.i hope the show keeps goin,and yall haters need to quit hatin.

  9. Bridget and Kendra actually have lives outside of the mansion. All Holly can do is cling and only HOPE that Hef will keep her around. She's obviously a negative piece of energy on the show. She complains way too much. Time to kick her out and replace her with someone else.


  11. This show should be retitled "The First Class, Backstabbing, Breast Inflated, Whores Next Door," These girls sell themselves out as bad as any prostitute would to get the money and fame they recieve as Hefner's girlfriends. Anyone who thinks women such as this have great cammaraderie and are friends, is just plain dum and niave.

  12. Who gives a damn about these stupid girls anyway? They are all three no better looking than any other pretty woman I have seen in my life.Take away the fake hair color, the enlarged lips, the bobb jobs, ect, and they are no better looking than anyone else. You know damned well that one would stab the other in the back in a second over Hef's millions. or for more fame than the other. THis is the only reasonan any one of these women are with this old coot, due to the money and fame he can offer them. He is not great looking. I read an account of one Play boy model's story of what goes on in the cirle of these girls of Hefs. Since they all screw this guy, and without a condom as this one model reported, I am surprised they all don't have a terrible disease. If Hefner's penis doesnt fall off due to his age, it may fall off one day due to disease. If someone finds it after it falls off, dont try to sell it on e-bay. Please.

  13. Kendra is so stupid! Holly was totally dissing her and she did not even have anything to say Holly. And Holly please die because you are a stuck up jealous bitch! You didnt have to put Kendra down to build yourself up. I think the point of this nlog was to stop you not liking kendra rumors. O you definitely did that. Great job hun

  14. I really feel that people need to leave these girls the hell alone. Enjoy the show and stop complaning about what they do. I just started watching the show and find it do funny and relaxing to watch after a long day at work. All so as a gay man I have to say my boyfriend and I love briggett and wensday the best may the show go on as long as they want to do it.

  15. I hope that if Kendra does leave the show that what ever she does do it works out wonderful, I personally will miss her. I love the show and I think that all of the gils are wonderful in there own unique way and yea to Hef for being able to keep up with them as well as the magazine and all of his employees.

    Oh yah I agree quit being haters!!!!

  16. There is always something going on everywhere, even if its the wind just blowing or the sun just shining. Kendra is cute, smart and daring. She is the spark of Girls Next Door and if she goes, I doubt the show will continue to interest me. For the rest, stop being haters!


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