Katie Holmes Hands (Photos): Scientology Purification Rundown


Katie Holmes Purple Hands photos: Scientology purification ritual

Katie Holmes’ purple hands have recently caused quite a stir. Photos show Katie Holmes hiding her hands, as well as wearing long sleeves and gloves. It seems the mystery has been revealed!

Katie Holmes has been wearing gloves and long sleeve shirts to cover up her strangely discolored hands. Photos of Katie on the set of ABC’s Eli Stone, show her attempting to hide her hands with arms folded.

But, interestingly enough, Perez Hilton reports Katie most likely has taken part in a Scientology purification ritual that caused the discoloration on her hands recently.

The Scientology ritual is called the Purification Rundown or Purif. People going through this ritual take what they refer to as “vitamin bombs” that supposedly rids their bodies of toxins.

Sources report that Scientology founder Hubbard recommends dosages in his teachings that are well above the safe limits, in some cases as much as 142 times more than the toxic level. The side effects of such huge overdoses range from liver damage, hair loss, brain swelling and nausea up to fatal heart and respiratory failure.

This body cleanse also prescribes huge doses of niacin, which can cause liver damage, peptic ulcers, and skin rashes.

Tom Cruise, actor and devout Scientologist, has seemingly become quite an influence on wife, Katie Holmes.

Last year, rumors circulated that Katie was unhappy and leaving the marriage because of Tom’s Scientology beliefs. Obviously Katie has now been “brainwashed” into this cult? To each his own though!

See photos of Katie hiding her hands and covering them with gloves below:

Katie Holmes purple hands photo from Scientology purification ritual Katie Holmes gloved hands with daughter Suri Cruise photos Katie Holmes gloved hands with daughter Suri Cruise photos Katie Holmes gloved hands with daughter Suri Cruise photos

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  1. Just maybe she has raynauds disease. This is a circulatory system disorder that affects your fingers and sometimes toes.

  2. L Ron Hubbard was not a Dr. He was proven to be be a liar in almost every aspect of his life. Doctors have called the purif rundown a dangerous practice with no physical benefit.
    I don’t think badly of Katie Holmes, I do have a problem with people who put their own health at risk on the word of a dead science fiction writer.

  3. other drugs can cause this purple hand syndrome, such as phenytonin, read up and stop attacking her religion. I am not in her religion either. I am a nurse that knows drugs have weird side effects.

    stop judging. her!


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