Katie Couric stays while William Peterson leaves CBS.


Katie Couric is undisturbed by her ratings at “CBS Evening News.” She announced that she had no plans to leave the company yet.

Couric’s news program had been rated as third place and it struggled to maintain its place, despite having her as the main attraction.

Katie Couric cleared the air about her discussions with CBS. She said that the talks were part and parcel of working for an organization. She affirmed her commitment to CBS and their product.

Nina Tassler, the CBS entertainment chief, has confirmed that they were shopping for an actor to replace William Peterson in “CSI.” Peterson will leave after 10 episodes of the current season. CBS was considering hiring John Malkovich, Laurence Fishbourne or someone else.

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  1. Katie Couric is the most stupid person on TV. She always has a negative agenda on people she does not like. What a big disappointment — she should quit if she has any dignity at all, but I guess, stupid people have no dignity.


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