Julio Castillo: Video Of Brawl Dayton Dragons & Peoria Chiefs – Minor League Baseball


Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs brawl in baseball’s minor league. The video below shows Julio Castillo hitting a fan with a baseball thrown during the fight between the Dayton Dragons and Peoria Chiefs, teams in minor league baseball.

The brawl between the Dragons and Chiefs began as an argument between the two managers. Peoria Chief’s pitcher Julio Castillo threw a fastball at the opposing team’s dugout, missed and hit a fan in the head, sending him to the hospital.

The brawl lasted 10 minutes, broken up by police officers. Julio Castilla was arrested and charged with felony assault. He will be in court on July 25th to face charges for the arrest. In total 15 players were ejected!

Images/Source: news


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