Jordan & Peter Andre may adopt a child.


Jordan and her husband, Peter Andre, have revealed that they were keen to adopt a child from a Third World country. The couple may step in the footsteps of Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

Jordan was said to have been touched by a BBC 4 documentary, Bulgaria’s Abandoned Children. This showed suffering and cruelty on the disabled orphans in Bulgaria. Jordan said that the orphans were unwanted and she was touched by their plight.

Jordan has consulted her lawyer on the possibility of adopting such a disabled orphan. She has 2 children with her husband and one child from an old relationship. Junior is 3 years old, Princess Tiaamii is 1 and Harvey is 6 years old. Harvey is autistic and partially blind. Jordan has her valuable personal insights on the upbringing of a child with special needs.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN



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