Johnny Rotten and Kele Okereke controversy.


John Lydon, Sex Pistols’s singer, has been accused of a racist attack on a black musician.

John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, 52, was accused of abusing Kele Okereke, Bloc Party’s singer. Johnny Rotten’s entourage was also accused of assaulting Okereke. Okereke had injuries on his face and body.

Okereke said that being a Johnny Rotten fan, he had approached Johnny to ask if he would reform his former band into “Public Image Ltd.”

Johnny became aggressive and his friends in his entourage started to beat up Okereke. One man told Okereke that, “Your problem is your black attitude.”

Fortunately for Okereke, there were security guards at the public place in the Summercase Festival in Barcelona and the guards came to break up the fight. This incident has created a controversy between Johnny Rotten and Kele Okereke.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN


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