Jett Angel stars in Lee Snijder pornography tapes.


Lee Snijder, the ex host for the HGTV show “Design on a Dime”, has started his own pornography films company.

Lee Snijder used the money he earned during his 6 years with the show “DoaD” and other work as a Disney Imagineer to fund his new venture. He has benefited from having Jett Angel, his porn star girlfriend, on board to assist him. Snijder was said to be the videographer for some of the reality style porn tapes.

The press had called HGTV to ask for a comment but they have not replied. HGTV sometimes airs re-runs of the “Design on a Dime” show.

Presently, there are no free photos of Jett Angel. People may have to buy her porn tapes to get a good look at her.
Source: tmz.


  1. I read that HGTV gave the sack to Lee, Kristen, and Brice. Instead of getting lost in porn, maybe Lee should take his fabulous work drive and organize a uber design team/company making mega bucks in their own design corporation like Stendig or some of the other design houses selling everything from furniture to rooms-to-go to design consultation to accessories (and have his girlfriend do the photography/advertising for his firm). If anyone could do this, Lee could. And don't forget, It's hard to make one thousand dollars look good. These three designers were up against designers with thirty, forty or more thousand dollar budgets. They should never blame themselves; in some ways the deck was stacked. It's to Lee's incredible credit that he was retained for SIX YEARS of who knows how many wonderful design makeovers (and don't forget all the clients Lee/Charles/Summer made very happy). It's hard to take a slam like being let go but it is necessary to put it in its proper perspective and realize it wasn't because of a lack of talent; Lee would never have even gotten on HGTV in the first place if this were the case. HGTV is trying to survive by staying fresh and also cutting extra teams with re-runs while the economy is in a downturn. But Lee is someone who can make opportunity out of challenge if he so chooses; he's just taken a tap that has temporarily taken him off his game. But his fans understand he's a way kewl guy with oodles of talent to spare. We just want to let him know that he was/is still appreciated and we hope to see him on top designing once again. Come back with a vengeance, Lee!!!

  2. I'm with Soozie. I don't think he's living up to himself with this career decision. I think he could become an industry biggie with his intelligence and design talent. Instead he's going for the short-field money that will lead him to a dark dead end. This is sad. He's quite a guy. I hope he chooses to rethink his options and decides to go with something that will bring him, not only money, but the admiration his talent deserves.


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