Miley Cyrus & Jesse McCartney Dating?: Billy Ray Cyrus Says No!


Jesse McCartney, teen heartthrob, was told of Miley Cyrus’ huge “crush” on him, and says he would definitely go out with Miley. So are Miley Cyrus & Jesse McCartney dating? Not if Billy Ray Cyrus has a say in the matter!

Jesse McCartney, 21, is falling hard for his crush Miley Cyrus, but there’s at least one person standing between the teen queen’s May/December romance with her singing knight in shining armor-Miley’s dad, Billy Ray!

The Cyrus Family patriarch has threatened to kick Jesse’s butt if he doesn’t back off up off his daughter.

“There’s been serious flirting between them for a while, but Billy Ray won’t let them date,” a Cyrus family mole whispers to Star. “It’s driving Miley and Jesse crazy!”

“They’re on the phone to each other all the time, and they text each other,” another pal tells Star. “They tell each other how crazy they are for each other,” says the pal. “And how frustrating it is that they’re being kept apart!”

“”¦Jesse also thinks the fact that he’s been known to date a lot of young girls in Hollywood has gone against him with Miley’s dad,” a friend of the “She’s No You” singer offered to the tab.

“Jesse’s told Billy Ray that he’s willing to start out by having a chaperone of his choice around. But that’s not good enough for Billy Ray.”

Jesse McCartney & Miley Cyrus dating?   They’d be a cute couple

It looks as if Jesse McCartney also has a crush on Miley Cyrus. Could they be the next young star couple?

After hearing that Disney star, Miley Cyrus, had a huge crush on him, Jesse McCartney, 21, said he’d be willing to date young Miley.

“She needs to be able to drive first before we talk about that,” McCartney, who played himself in an episode of Hannah Montana last year, said when reminded that Cyrus’ Sweet 16″”let alone the Big 18″”is still a ways off.

But how would he feel if Miley Cyrus called him up and asked him out? “I’d say, sure, let’s do this,” McCartney said.

See what other sweet things Jesse had to say about Miley in the video below.

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  1. I still wanna kill her cuz she is a hore and a slut her pics is nasty she is so dirty and jesse we inlove with u plus y will u go out with a lil slut im just saying she gonna cheat on u I hate u miley I been me and my freinds dont like u at all

  2. i really think miley is insane…she is way too young for jesse and she better watchout cuz there are alot of gurlz that would LOVE to kill her fo JESSE

    p.s(i Adoere jesse mccartney)mwaa!! =)

  3. Haha, I think Billy Ray is really sweet, doing what he can as a father. And I stand with him! Miley really shouldn't be dating Jesse.

    And I'm not a huge fan of Miley either. But I'm a fan of Jesse. So I won't encourage it anyway, not now, not ever.

  4. Well,

    I'm a huge fan of Jesse, but I'm not very fond of Miley. If I were him, I wouldn't date Miley.

    I really wouldn't ;).

  5. .hmmmmmm.

    .i likee miley's music buh i dont like that she was unfaithful to nick jonas. :[

    .so i would say don't do it jesse. !!

  6. miley you should not have those nasty pix of you online some people cant watch your show because you did that like my friends molly and madison

  7. I think they make a cute couple.Even though im their fans,i still don't agree.It is not because im jealous,it is because Miley is to young.She should be 18 first before dating.I understand what is Billy trying to do.He is trying to protect his sweet heart,Miley from evil men.

  8. I think they make a cute couple.Even though im their fans,i still don't agree.Is not because im jealous,it is because Miley should be 18 first before dating.I understand what is Billy is tryig to do.He i tryign to protect Miley,his sweet heart from evil men.

  9. i cannot beleve what i am reading on these posts,stepane statitory rape thats only if they have sex no charges have been filed stephane would you go to court and testify i dont think so get a life emmy to call a whore and slut what jelousy what contempt are you one of the mean girls in school get counsiling before it is to late

  10. Jessy dont.Im a big fan of Miley but u know she like have alot of boy she even cheats on Nick Jonas.dont even though im Miley fan but if you like her still a good choose because you can help her to get out of her old way and head back to where she is before.

  11. hey,miley !

    i think that you should listen to your dad

    i mean even though jesse's cute and gotta a nice voice but he is not that kind of a real boyfriend material i mean c'mon for sure he slept with many girls and played around with many girls so ugotta think before you judge cause gossips and rumors are spreading in 1 saec.


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