Jeremy Jackson: Hobie Buchanan From Baywatch All Grown Up


Jeremy Jackson \

Former Baywatch star, little Hobie Buchanan, all grown up and “sexified”.

Jeremy Jackson, now 27, recently attended the grand opening of the “Christian Audigier The Nightclub” at Treasure Island hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday.

Jeremy is a celebrity “endorser” for Christian Audigier’s Ed Hardy Clothing and hosts many of his fashion shows around the world.

Jackson was on Baywatch from the age of 11 to 18. On The View, Jeremy Jackson spoke of his leaving the show, and his problems with drug addiction.

Following the series’ success (and his status as a teen idol) Jackson recorded an album and had two top 10 singles, he toured across Europe and was later invited into the World Music Hall of Fame, and was inducted into the Young Hollywood Hall of Fame 1996.

So little Hobie Buchanan all grown up! Much like a “fine wine”, he’s gotten better and better with age! Sexy!

See a video of Jeremy here.

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