Jennifer Hudson: Hudson’s “Skinny” Album Cover Photoshop or Weight Loss?


Jennifer Hudson Album Cover, weight loss or photoshop

Jennifer Hudson has a new album out, and appears really thin on the album cover. Did Jennifer Hudson have a sudden weight loss or is the cover photoshopped?

Jennifer Hudson is showing a side of herself no one has seen before. On the cover of her new album, she actually has a waist and a svelte figure! So is it real, or is it photoshop? One tabloid insists that Hudson did not have the photo retouched to improve her figure as Mariah Carey did for her latest album.

So has Jennifer Hudson come a long way from her character, Effie White from “Dreamgirls?” Well, not so sure! Hudson was one of the celebrities who turned out to show her support at an aids benefit in London on July 9 where she was photographed on the red carpet. And, she doesn’t look any where near as thin as on her album cover.

In the red carpet photos Hudson barely looks different from her Dreamgirls movie role and looks like she’s wearing a size ten. Hudson looks great full-figured and curvy we think!

So either Hudson went on a crash diet to slim down quickly, or perhaps photoshop helped Hudson look much more slim and svelte on her new album cover. So what do you guys think?

See Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” video here.

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