Helen Mirren Rockin’ Her Bikini At Age 63!


Helen Mirren photos, actress wears a bikini and looks great at 63

Helen Mirren is obviously an attractive older woman, but who knew at age 63 that she has such a nice body!

Dame Helen Mirren, Oscar winning actress, was recently snapped by paps while on a pre-birthday holiday in Italy with her husband, director Taylor Hackford.

Here’s the clincher, she was snapped in her bikini! Now that might sound a bit “nasty” for a 63 year old woman, but trust me. She looks awesome!

Helen Mirren has to be the hottest mature actress!

“I’m famous for getting my kit off,” she told Morley Safer, when he asked her if she regretted being nude in so many films during an interview.

Helen has said she hates to diet and exercise so is it just good genes? Whatever her secret is, she looks has a better body than some 20 year olds! Check out her bikini photo below!

Helen Mirren photos, Helen mirren looks great in bikini at 63Helen Mirren photos, Helen mirren looks great in bikini at 63Helen Mirren Bikini Photos

Images: WENN

Source: news


  1. That is one hot GILF!

    lol: I kinda knew that she had a smoking bod after I saw her at the Oscars in that clinging red dress but, I had NO clue that she could rock a bikini better than most women half her age!


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