Heather Matarazzo: (Photo) Engaged to Girlfriend Carolyn Murphy


Actress Heather Matarazzo is engaged to girlfriend Carolyn Murphy, and plan to marry soon.

Heather Matarazzo, actress best known for her roles in Welcome To The Dollhouse and as the awkward high school girl in Princess Diaries, plans to marry her girlfriend of a year, Carolyn Murphy.

Matarzzo, 25, is engaged to Carolyn Murphy, her partner of over a year.

Heather Matarazzo’s rep said the two ladies actually both proposed to each other.

“It was really cute. First Heather proposed to Carolyn, then Carolyn proposed to her,” says Matarazzo’s publicist.

The rep adds that the couple are very supportive of each other and are totally in love”””it was love at first sight.”

Images: WENN

Source: news


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