Heath Ledger’s uncle, Haydn Ledger, arrested for stolen goods.


Haydn Ledger.

Haydn Ledger has been arrested for stealing tractors and a tomahawk in Perth, Australia. Haydn Ledger, the late Heath Ledger’s uncle, is the brother of Heath’s Dad, who is named Kim Ledger.

Haydn Ledger was charged with receiving stolen goods when 3 bobcat tractors worth more than $100,000 were found parked outside his office. These tractors were earlier reported missing and stolen from a building site and a contractor’s yard.

Uncle Haydn had been in the news earlier in 2008 when he accused Kim Ledger for mismanaging Heath Ledger’s trust fund. Kim Ledger has denied his claim.

The late Heath Ledger’s last completed movie, “The Dark Knight”, premiered in US on Friday, July 18, 2008.

Source: tmz

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  1. Get fucked, I didn’t steal bobcats, I was charged with receiving stolen goods. The charge related to my company paying for, and in good faith, the sum of $6500.00 for a used bobcat. What we didn’t know was that the person we purchased those goods from was a drug addict. Because I have the name Ledger and related to Heath, this whole thing has been put into an arena which it shouldn’t have.
    Subsequently and because of the adverse publicity, my company, that only last year turned over in excess of $3 million has been placed into receivership. Thanks for your support, you gut munchers! Haydn Ledger


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