Greg Norman & Chris Evert paid $103 million for divorces.


Greg and Laura Norman, left, with Chris Evert and Andy Mill in 2001, before their divorces.

Greg Norman, the celebrity golfer, has to pay his ex-wife a hefty sum of $103 million after their divorce.

Laura Andrassy, Norman’s ex, has received $50 million in her first settlement. Norman has been ordered to pay $30 million over the next 15 years. There were also material goods that Norman needed to hand over. These were inclusive of houses, jewelry and other valuables that cost over $20 million.

Greg Norman recently married Chris Evert. Evert had also divorced from her husband, Andy Mill, in order to be free. Evert paid her ex $7 million. Andy Mill was an ex Olympic skier.

The marriage between Greg Norman and Chris Evert has cost this couple a total sum of $110 million. When Chris Evert was married to Andy Mill and Greg Norman to Laura Andrassy, the four used to take joint vacations together.

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