Evander Holyfield makes amends to Toi Jenese Irvin.


Evander Holyfield has been sued by his son’s mother, Toi Jenese Irvin. Irvin filed a lawsuit to demand that Holyfield pay a debt of $9000 or be sent to jail.

Irvin claimed that Holyfield had failed to pay for their son’s health insurance. He had previously been ordered to pay for the child’s insurance by a judge. Their son, Evan Holyfield, aged 10, had not received his child support payments in 3 months.

In a court hearing this morning, Holyfield handed over the $9000 check. He has agreed to reinstate Evan’s health insurance, pay for his school expenses, make a college trust and pay some of Toi Jenese Irvin’s lawyer fees.

Evander Holyfield has a total of 10 other children who were born by different women. Presently, he lives in Georgia with his third wife, Candi Calvana Smith and 2 children.

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