Eva Mendes’ Seductive Calvin Klein Lingerie Campaign Photos


Eva Mendes spent time in rehab, but the Hollywood star is bouncing back! The beautiful actress appears in Calvin Klein’s new lingerie campaign.

Eva Mendes is ready to begin working on her next film, a crime drama, called “Bad Lieutenant: Port of call New Orleans”, which also stars Val Kilmer and Nicolas Cage.

Eva Mendes seems to be doing great after her stint in rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Utah in January for treatment of “personal issues”, which is rumored to be body issues and addiction.

She says: : “There are so many lies out there regarding my recent trip to Cirque Lodge. But I don’t care what people think. I just don’t care. So I will neither confirm nor deny.”

“I’m not a spokesperson for any kind of substance-abuse organization.”

But Mendes,34, isn’t at all ashamed of getting help. Eva says, “I’m proud of people who have the determination and the fearlessness to actually go and face their demons and get better.”

Mendes admits that she’s still “sensitive on the subject”, and recently stood up to a reporter for US magazine who joked that in Hollywood, Alcoholics Anonymous should be called Alcoholics Unanimous.

In response to the journalist’s quip, she said: “I’m not making jokes, because people die from this stuff.”

“So, honestly, I think it’s a bit tacky that you made a joke. I’ve got to be honest.”

Eva Mendes has a right to her privacy, and it’s great to see her doing so well these days. Check our her gorgeous Calvin Klein lingerie photos below.

Images: CK

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