Eric Lindros (Photo) Dating Kate Hudson Again? Or Just Friends?


Kate Hudson is said to be dating Eric Lindros again! Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have barely split but there are already reports that she has been spotted with another guy.

Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson dated for about three months and this week a report claims they have split and now there is a report that she is dating former National Hockey League star Eric Lindros.

Kate Hudson sure has a “thing” for athletes obviously!

A source states, “Kate and Eric have been holed up at her parent’s [Goldie & Kurt’s] house Muskoka, Canada,” an insider says. “She went there immediately after she and Lance ended things.”

A friend of Eric Lindros’ states that:

“Kate and Lindros are JUST friends. Their families have known each other for 15 – 20 years and they both have cottages around the corner from each other. Eric is seeing somebody else, and him and Kate have always been close friends for years and years. Nothing is going on, other than them bumping into each other up North. They didn’t go up together.”

Hmm… who knows if it’s a “friendly” relationship or if they are dating. What do you guys think?

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