Elyse Umemoto’s Photos Leaked: Miss Washington’s Controversial Pictures


Elyse Umemoto, Miss Washington, photos spark controversy

Elyse Umemoto, Miss Washington, has racy photos that hit the internet and are sparking controversy! See pictures below.

Another naughty beauty pageant contestant?

Miss Washington, Elyse Umemoto, who competed for the Miss America title this year and was second runner-up, isn’t really doing anything all that controversial in these photos. But perhaps wearing her crown in some of them isn’t the smartest idea!

Elyse Umemoto ran on a platform promoting diversity and women’s empowerment. The state of Washington must be so proud after these racy photos have leaked.

Miss Washington, Elyse Umemoto’s photos show her flipping the bird, and making oral sex gestures for the camera.

Umemoto, 23, a proud Yakama Tribal member, probably has quite a bit of explaining to do. Umemoto is the first Miss Washington of Native American decent.

The Washington field director of the Washington pageant said he is embarrassed about Elyse’s photos and here is an excerpt from his statement:

Elyse Umemoto is an outstanding young woman and has been a brilliant representative for the Miss Washington Scholarship Organization. We continue to be very proud of her. She is known for her raucous sense of humor and clowning around. It is unfortunate that her behavior in unguarded moments has attracted attention. The Miss Washington Scholarship Organization is embarrassed by the pictures you have seen. We do not condone the behaviors depicted in these photos. However, there will be no discipline for Elyse based on the behavior evidenced in the photos. None of them depict illegal behavior or cross a line that cannot be uncrossed. Elyse feels very bad about how this attention affects her reputation and that of our organization.

View Elyse Umemoto’s Racy Photos below:

Elyse Umemoto photos, Elyse in crown flipping the bird with friendElyse Umemoto, Miss Washington, sexy photosElyse Umemoto photos leaked, Miss Washington sexy picturesElyse Umemoto pictures, oral sex sign posing for camera

Elyse Umemoto pictures, oral sex sign posing for cameraElyse Umemoto pictures, Miss Washington photos leakedElyse Umemoto pictures, Miss Washington photos leakedElyse Umemoto pictures, Miss Washington photos leaked

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    Breaking news…

    Some experts have weighed in on her recurring hand signage…

    it could indicate a walrus, with tusks up (in distress??? playful ecstasy???), as an environmentally aware mascot…

    or she might be subtlely advocating for greater love of the beavers of the Pacific Northwest…

    Somehow, I can't quite decide which…

  2. I don't see what the Big Deal is with these photos.

    Maybe her tongue hanging between her fingers has a totally different meaning among the Yakima??? Has anyone bothered to wacky-pedia

    Yakima sign language, before condeming her???… (It sure as heck isn't a "Japanese" cultural expression.)

    Might she be a victim of the gutter trash celebrity vultures that she chooses to hang with???… (You mean to tell me her cohorts aren't Rocket Scientists and Civil Rights hobbiests???…) Possibly, but ever so secondarily.

    Her tastes, or lack thereof, are primarily at fault.

    She feels bad, so they say, but only for having been "exposed." Some one please "gift" her a cel phone that doesn't also have a camera in it.

    Her "beauty," which is not witnessed by the this beholder, is less than skin deep… and her "Social IQ" barely exceeds her bustline (as in low two digits, and very much akin to her proffered hand signage).


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