Doctor Who journey’s end for David Tennant.


David Tennant.

Celebrity rumors and gossip.

It may be the journey’s end for David Tennant, when this season of Doctor Who ends. There were rumors that other actors like Jason Statham, Alan Davies, James Nesbitt or Robert Carlyle may be chosen to step into the Time Lord’s shoes for the next season.

The gossip said that David Tennant would leave before Doctor Who’s fifth series in 2010. Tennant refused to confirm the rumors.

Bookmakers were collecting bets on the next Time Lord. Robert Carlyle is the present favorite who is tipped to get the role. William Hill, one of the bookmakers, said that the people’s favorite constantly changed so it was premature to make a prediction.

The penultimate episode of Doctor Who entitled The Stolen Earth was viewed by 7.4 million people on Saturday.

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