Did Madonna send Ingrid Casares to spy on Alex Rodriguez?


Alex Rodriguez/ A-Rod was the official host at a party orgainized at Jay-Z’s club, 40/40, on Monday night, July 14, 2008.

Madonna was absent from the party. Her best friend, Ingrid Casares, was present at the party and she was seen standing at close proximity to Alex Rodriguez. There was speculation that Madonna had sent Ingrid Casares to spy on A-Rod or influence him in some way.

Ingrid Casares used to be the girlfriend of Sandra Bernhard in the 1990s. When she met Madonna, she became Madonna’s best friend. Madonna has denied being the cause of A-Rod’s marital problems.

Meanwhile, Cynthia Rodriguex and her lawyers have demanded that Alex Rodriguez hand over records of various documents, including any surveillance information he might have on her movements.

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Source: tmz

Pics: WENN



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