Diana Bianchi Pictures Testifies On Cook Affair: Christie Brinkley’s Divorce Trial


Diana Bianchi, teen girl that had affair with Peter Cook-takes the stand day one of Christy Brinkley\'s divorce trial.

Diana Bianchi, the teen girl that had an affair with Peter Cook, has been called to testify in court on Wednesday, the opening day of the Christie Brinkley divorce hearing.

Christie Brinkley’s lawyers aren’t wasting any time on dishing the dirt on the former supermodel’s adulterous ex when their divorce trial begins today.

Joe Tacopina, the lawyer that represents Bianchi says, “She has been subpoenaed to appear July 2,” which is the first day of the divorce trial.

Diana Bianchi was an aspiring singer who worked as a toy store clerk before Cook hired her as his assistant.

“She’s trying to keep a very low profile and stay out of all this,” he said.

Bianchi, now 21, became involved with Cook while working at his Bridgehampton architect firm two summers ago. Peter Cook reportedly paid her $300,000 to keep Diana’s mouth shut about the affair.

The relationship first became known when Diana Bianchi’s stepfather, a police officer, told Christie Brinkley about the affair.

Peter Cook’s porn addiction has already been brought out, and he reportedly paid over $3000 a month on pornographic websites.

The main focus of the divorce trial is Peter Cook’s affair with the 18-year-old, which set off a frenzy in the tabloids.

Cook’s lawyer is trying to blame Christie Brinkley for part of the public spectacle.

“For goodness sake: She’s on her fourth husband,” Sheresky told the court. “Your honor, we’re here because of the self-indulgent wrath of a woman scorned.”

Cook said he met Bianchi in early 2005 when she was working at a Hamptons toy store. Their affair began that March, around the time he hired Bianchi. She was paid $20,000 to type magazine articles onto the company’s Web site. He also left her cash payments in various spots: $500 under the rock outside his office; more behind a painting.

Before their relationship ended in late 2005, they had sex in the office a number of times, and at homes in the Hamptons owned by Cook and Christie Brinkley.

Peter Cook then gave Diana Bianchi $300,000 in May of 2007. Peter Cook said basically it was “hush money”, to keep his family from scandal. Too little, too late!

Diana Bianchi testifying in Christie Brinkley\'s divorce trial today.Diana Bianchi testifying in Christie Brinkley\'s divorce trial today.Diana Bianchi (left) testifying in Christie Brinkley\'s divorce trial today.Diana Bianchi testifying in Christie Brinkley\'s divorce trial today.Diana Bianchi on stand to testify in Cook and Brinkley\'s divorce trialChristie Brinkley in Court Today for first Day of Divorce TrialDiana Bianchi arrives to testify in court in Brinkley Divorce Trial

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  1. Feel sorry for Diana ? She was "seduced" ? Are you nuts ? She new EXACTLY what she was doing. While I do not support his committing adultery at all, she was equally guilty.

  2. I don't know why people (especially women) feel sorry for younger women whenever these younger women are caught in having affair with much older men…This girl Diana wasn't minor to say that she didn't know what she was doing…I mean, she knows very well that Cooks was married and about his age, yet she started having sexual relationship with him for money/job and freebies which most young girls do anyway when they get involved with much older or with married men.

    Telling that Christine shouldn't marry to Cooks knowing he is a sex addicts then who is not sex addicts…we all are…one way or another…Christine married 4 times and have had many romantic and sexual relationships in her life. Her ex-hubby, the Piano man, married with a 23 yrs old while his daughters with Christine was pretty much of the same age. People should throw the stone on others if they are totally clean. Noone is totally clean here. Everyone is sex freaks. So, I don't see anything wrong in him browing and spending money going to porno websites.

    However, I do agree that it's wrong to have an affair while you are married, but it's quite common in western countries especially these days. Both, men and women, get involve in extra-marital affair while being married despite of not being separated from their spouse. It's just that some get caught while others don't. As for Cooks-Christine's case then we don't know what was wrong in their marriage which might have made him to have an affair…could be many reasons…we just don't know…The reason for whole this drama in this trial is just to make Cooks as unfit father so that Christine could have the custody of their children. This is not about money.

  3. I feel sorry for this girl Diana, Cooks seduced her and now her future is ruined. Sorry for Christine and her family too. This is a very bad guy with a lot of mental health problems. She probably shouldn't marry him knowing about his past and knowing his is a sex addicted, she also is guilty for putting her children in danger especially her teen daughter. What a mess and sad story.


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