Denise Richards wants to restrict Charlie Sheen’s access to kids.


Denise Richards went to court to ask the judge to restrict her ex-husband’s access to their children.

Denise Richards and her lawyer, Neal Hersh, had a closed emergency meeting in court today. They complained about a serious issue in Sheen’s home that could have an adverse impact on the children. Richards thought that the psychological issue needed professionals to evaluate and advise. Richards insisted that her children should not be in Sheen’s house.

Judge Silberman, the regular judge who handled Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s case, was on vacation. Judge Steinberg, the Judge who was in the emergency hearing, deferred a decision to Judge Silberman, who would be back on Monday.

Neal Hersh made a statement to express the need for Charlie Sheen to attend the court hearing on Monday.

Source: tmz

Pics: WENN



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