Denise Richards “Complicated”: Denise Richards Accuses Charlie Sheen of Molesting Daughters


Denise Richards has falsely accused her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, of molesting their daughters. Sheen is reportedly livid, and will attempt to get full custody of their girls.

Denise Richards drug Charlie Sheen into a Los Angeles courtroom early last week for a mysterious “emergency” child-custody hearing to screen videos of their girls, Sam and Lola, supposedly acting in strange and disturbing ways.

Charlie Sheen’s lawyers had the evidence dismissed and then presented their own videos of the girls acting normally at his house.

“Denise’s accusations were vile,” a source said. “She was basically trying to say Charlie (manipulated) the kids and acted inappropriately with them. It’s disgusting and totally untrue. Charlie is furious “¦ Denise has really pushed it too far this time.”

Denise Richard’s, the “It’s Complicated” reality star, has hit an all-time low, sources stating she is using the battle with Sheen, and molestation accusations to drum up ratings for her show.

An insider reportedly said, “She thinks a court battle would be good for ratings so she wants all overnight visits with the girls ceased, and monitored visits with her nanny. She invited the media circus to the hearing and even wanted reporters in the judge’s chambers – which wasn’t allowed. It’s ridiculous.”

Child molestation charges are very very serious, do you think Denise Richards would stoop to this level to drive up ratings for her reality show? If so, that is pretty sick!

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  1. She is a perfect example of the old adage "you need a license to drive, but any idiot can be a parent".

    It's so apparent and so pathetic that this is an excuse for publicity. She is a no talent media whore, jealous that Charlie has a hit show and a happy marriage. Give it up already before you completely ruin your daughters.

  2. I think that she is a stupid selfish whore, not fit to raise the girls – let Charlie have them, maybe then they won't turn out like her scanky ass….


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