Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen battle it out with videos.


Denise Richards leaves court July 21 2008.

Denise Richards requested an emergency hearing with the judge on her case to ask for restricted visitation with the children’s father, Charlie Sheen.

Richards’ lawyer, Neal Hersh, went to court with a video. He claimed that the video showed the kids acting in an alarming manner. The media was told that the children’s behaviors were the cause for concern from Richards. The videos were not played out in court.

Charlie Sheen’s lawyer, Fern Wender, brought Sheen’s video to court. This video supposedly showed the kids acting normally. Wender said that the court commissioner granted small portions of Denise’s requests.

Hersh said that it was shameful that Charlie Sheen was keeping score on who won or lost in the custody case. Wender then pointed out that it was Hersh who had invited the media to the court hearing.

Source: tmz.

Pics: WENN



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