DeAnna Pappas & Jesse Bachelorette Finale: “After The Final Rose” Recap


Deanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak Engaged: After final rose show

Deanna Pappas, on the “Bachelorette finale”, shocked us all by choosing Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick.

UPDATE!!!   Read the After the Bachelorette Show Interview to see how DeAnna and Jesse are doing now here.

Many of us felt Jason Mesnick was the clear choice to win the Bachelorette, Deanna Pappas’ heart. It was a shocking moment to see her send him home. Poor Jason was completely heartbroken and extremely shocked.

Deanna told Jesse how much she loved him and they both considered each other their “soulmate”. Jesse got down on one knee and asked DeAnna if she would spend forever with him and she happily accepted.

After all the excitement of the Bachelorette Finale, there was the follow-up special, “After The Finale Rose”, where Jason had the opportunity to speak to DeAnna and Jesse and Deanna were able to go public as a couple for the first time since the Bachelorette taping.

First the host, Chris Harrison brings out the heartbroken Jason Mesnick. They show highlights from The Bachelorette show, and Jason admits that it is still tough to watch, as well as accept that DeAnna rejected him. He said that he was, without a doubt, in love with her and thought she was everything that he was looking for. Even with his heart “stomped on”, Jason told Chris that he still had feelings for DeAnna and called her “one in a million”. He’s such a great guy, it’s so sad!

The situation got even more uncomfortable as the host, Chris, brought out Deanna Pappas to talk with Jason. As soon as Deanna saw Jason Mesnick, she broke down and cried and apologized for making him feel the way Brad made her feel last season on The Bachelor. DeAnna says that she didn’t make up her mind about Jesse until the morning of the final rose ceremony. She also admitted that what she wanted changed during the course of the show – that she had everything figured out until she met Jesse. DeAnna surprisingly told Jason that she was never in love with him. That is hard to believe with the way she spoke and acted with Jason Mesnick. Jason, though, takes it well, calls Jesse a great guy and says that he’s happy for DeAnna.

DeAnna Pappas and Jesse reunite for the first time in public since the show finished taping. Chris tells them that he’s going to hose them down because they can’t stop touching each other, kissing, and telling each other that they love each other. The couple has even set a wedding date of May 9th, 2009. Chris ends the show, The Bachelorette, by telling them the show will be sending the couple to Greece for their honeymoon!

Were you surprised DeAnna picked Jesse after her connection with Jason Mesnick?

See video of the Bachelorette Finale rose ceremony with Deanna and Jason here, and with Deanna and Jesse here.

Deanna Pappas bikini photo:Deanna and Jesse engaged, bacheloretteJesse Csincsak Professional Snow Boarder wins bacheloretteDeanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak engaged to be married Deanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak Engaged, bachelorette finaleJesse Csincsak, pro snowboarder, wins bachelorette and is engagedJesse Csincsak, pro snowboarder, wins bachelorette and is engaged

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  1. I for one, felt that deanna had made the wrong choice, and I never felt they would get married for real…Jesse just seemed a little to immature for her.and guess what? it didn't work out and now she is in New Zeland trying to get Jason back….I really like deanna but i feel bad for the two women that he has narrowed it down too…because i believe in my heart….that deanna is ….the right one for him….but will he make that choice….and forgive her…for what she put him through…only he can make that choice….and we will see….I hate to see Jason hurt….he has been hurt enough….

  2. I’m not surprised at all! I thought they were meant to be and I just hoped she saw that 🙂 They are both free spirits and he was absolutely my first choice for her, and the best choice for her.


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