David Tennant offered $3 million to stay in Doctor Who.


David Tennant may sign a deal to remain as Doctor Who in the successful TV series. It was rumored that he had been offered as much as $3 million in a new deal.

David Tennant had been playing the role for 4 years and the producers feared that he might quit after the last season ended. Tennant has 4 more special episodes to film and these would be completed for airing in 2009.

The rumors were circulating about BBC offering Tennant a big $3 million deal to encourage him to stay for the full series when it starts in 2010. The old writer, Russell T Davies, will be replaced by Steven Moffatt. Moffatt had earlier written some of the scariest episodes for Doctor Who.

Doctor Who has been the biggest earning TV series for BBC Worldwide. The last season finale attracted 10 million viewers.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN


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