David Lee Roth has an imposter.


David Lee Roth, aka Diamond Dave, has an imposter. This imposter has been operating in Ontario and he has scammed many people.

The Canadian police said that he could be charged with the obstruction of justice because he gave a fake name to the police.

The imposter first gained notoriety on May 23. He suffered an allergic reaction to nuts and had a driving incident in Canada. He told two Canadian policemen that he was the singer for the Van Halen band. The police officers might not have asked to see his ID to confirm the claim.

The David Roth lookalike has been seen at the Liquid Lounge in Hamilton, Ontario. He sang a song and was with 2 nurses from a hospital. He was wearing expensive clothes and a hospital bracelet.

The real David Roth confirmed that he was not allergic to nuts and had never been stopped by the police.

Source: tmz

Pics: WENN


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