David Beckham’s star appeal has faded.


David Beckham may have lost some of his popularity. The shine of a new celebrity in a different country has worn off. It seemed like his star appeal has faded a little.

In 2007, David Beckham attracted packed stands and many after parties following the games of his team, LA Galaxy. This happened from state to state as Los Angeles Galaxy made its tour in the country. Beckham was not even playing at that time because he had an injury. His name drew in the crowds. People wanted to see his team.

In one year, there has been a ton of differences. When the LA Galaxy played in Washington for this season in 2008, the game’s attendance had decreased from its 2007 statistics by 10,000.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion line of jeans, marketed under dVb, has fallen a little short of expectations. The men’s line of jeans has been temporarily delayed.

Source: tmz

Pics: WENN


  1. They are both a vapid waste of air and space IMO…. I wouldn’t be too proud to be known as “Posh Spice”. Enough of these materials obsessed whores already!


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