Cynthia Rodriguez to divorce Alex Rodriguez.


Cynthia Rodriguez has asked her lawyer, Earle Lilly, to represent her in her divorce case. Earle Lilly claimed that Alex Rodriguez and Madonna were having an affair and were still together despite Cynthia’s reactions.

Lilly said that he would not lose this case. He said that there was a pre-nuptial agreement but it was too early to decide if he would contest it. Lilly disclosed that R-Rod’s estate was vast. Cynthia will get a huge settlement but not in the range of hundreds of millions.

Lilly revealed that infidelity was the major cause for the divorce because there were a series of dalliances. Madonna will not be named in the divorce papers. Cynthia wants custody of her 2 daughters. Lilly insisted that Cynthia Rodriguez did not have an affair with Lenny Kravitz.

Source: tmz.



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