Cyndi Lauper’s performance at G-A-Y.


Cyndi Lauper gave a great performance in G-A-Y, a club in London. It was her first comeback gig in the UK in 14 years and Lauper showed she had not lost her touch for the London crowd.

Lauper, 55, removed her shoes and jumped off the stage into the surprised crowd. She was hugged by fans who were eager for the photo-taking opportunities. They quickly posed as the cameras snapped.

Cyndi’s stage costume and fashion sense was electric. She wore a different kind of suit that no other performer would think of wearing. Lauper had always supported Gay Pride. She made it a point to perform regularly at Gay Pride events. Someone presented Lauper with a bouquet of roses and she beamed happily.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN



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