Miss USA Falls Down Video – Crystal Stewart : Miss Venezuela Takes Miss Universe Crown!


Crystle Stewart Miss USA Falls Down Photo: Miss Venezuela wins!

Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, from Texas, tripped and fell on stage at the global beauty contest today, just as Miss USA did last year. Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela, wins the Miss Universe crown!

Poor Crystle Stewart, sad that she fell in front of millions of people during the Miss Universe pageant!

Crystle Stewart’s fall this year was almost identical to the now-infamous incident in last year’s evening wear portion of the competition.

Beauty contestants are expected to walk across stage wearing evening gowns and high heels, but poor Crystle Stewart slipped as she attempted to descend two steps on the platform on the stage in Vietnam.

Last year, Rachel Smith was the reining Miss USA and she also fell to the ground during the evening wear competition.

Crystle Stewart failed to make the final cut, and the Miss Universe 2008 crown was awarded to Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza.

Dayana Mendoza, 22, was very emotional when she was declared the winner. Venezuela maintains it’s domination in the beauty contest.

The South American country boasts four previous Miss Universe winners and five Miss Worlds. The “pageant superpower” has thousands of local beauty contests every year in its schools, villages and even prisons.

After his announcement Riyo Mori, last year’s champion from Japan, handed the crown, made of white and yellow gold and precious stones to Ms Mendoza.

“I am excited. I cried a lot. I am really glad I made it,” said the 57th winner of the title, who was the victim off an “express kidnapping” in Venezuela 18 months ago. “It’s something that happens in my country. You don’t even have to have money to be kidnapped … That’s why I wanted to raise my voice and tell the world that violence is not the answer.”

Miss Venezuela says she will celebrate at home with her family and friends, and spend her year-long reign travelling the world to speak out on humanitarian issues.

This year’s event cost Vietnam nearly $20 million, including $7 million building a new resort and convention center to host the pageant.

Do you guys feel sorry for Miss USA, Crystle Stewart and the embarrassing fall, viewed by millions?

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