Cristiano Ronaldo spurned Paris Hilton.


Cristiano Ronaldo, the celebrity player from Manchester United, turned up in Villa, a Hollywood night club while he was still on crutches. He was healing from an injury.

Paris Hilton happened to be around and she went over to his private table to get his attention. A source said that Hilton tried her best to get him interested but he turned his back on her. Ronaldo appeared engrossed talking business with some men at his table.

The other women at the club were also attracted to Ronaldo. He was aware of his charm but was not interested to befriend any of them. Rumors said that Ronaldo, 23, had recently split with his girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo, 25.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN


  1. I have a long career in the public eye now and for the rest of my life. I don't need Paris Hilton around to screw up my image.

  2. Just wondering what ever happened to all that "charity work" Paris Hilton promised to do when she was released from jail…


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