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Concetta Bertoldi: Do Dead People Watch Us Shower Medium and author

Concetta Bertoldi, a medium that communicates with the dead, answers questions about the “other side” in her book “Do Dead People Watch You Shower?” Concetta Bertoldi says they do!

Concetta Bertoldi, born November 18, 1953 in Newark, New Jersey is the middle child of three children. Born with the inability to hear in one ear, she has communicated with the “other side” since childhood. Initially, imaginary play mates and an over active imagination were blamed. As a teen, she was labeled a misguided child.

Concetta’s first significant recollection was at age ten. She was told she would lose her oldest brother and never have children. Ultimately, these predictions were accurate. Family members were supportive since she was not the first to have these abilities. She hid her abilities by attempting to live a normal life. She graduated from public high school and pursued a career.

As a young adult she was tested and identified as “Clairsentient”. Married at thirty, her husband was a skeptic for many years. As Concetta helped others, her husband’s respect and admiration nurtured Concetta’s confidence. Since then, she left her main stream job, answered her true calling and became a full-time medium.

The gift which initially was so troublesome has become her guide in life. Instead of rejecting and resisting, Concetta has embraced her abilities and has learned to share this glorious gift with others

In an excerpt from her book, Concetta says:

“I consider myself to be a spiritual person. But that does not mean that I am a perfect person. I have plenty of faults. I can swear like a sailor, I enjoy a good dirty joke, and if the truth be told, I don’t get along with my mother-in-law. From the moment I first got together with her son, in fact, she’s been a real rock in my underwear. A real pickle-puss. But don’t get me started. Aside from the usual number of human flaws, I think I’m pretty easy to get along with. Just your average Jersey girl who talks to the dead.”

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?
A medium is a psychic, but a psychic is not necessarily a medium. Someone who is just psychic can give you a prediction, but they can’t tell you where or who they got it from. I (and other true mediums) not only can tell you what is going on and what will happen, but we can tell you who on the Other Side is bringing the message. I’m the whole package, baby!

When did you first start talking with dead people?
I couldn’t say exactly, but certainly from the time I was a small girl. It wasn’t really having a conversation, I just knew something. I understood so little at that time, I had no one to explain to me what this “˜knowing’ was. One of my very earliest memories of this was walking home one day when I was about nine years old (this wasn’t the first, but one that I strongly recall) and “˜realizing’ that my older brother was going to be taken from us at an early age. As I was walking into my backyard, I “˜heard’ the Other Side (I didn’t know at the time that’s who was communicating with me) tell me this. I can’t recall the exact words I heard. I’m not even sure it was a full sentence. Nevertheless, I knew what they meant, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Other messages like this one came to me at other times. I was told, for example, that I would never in this lifetime have children of my own. I was also told that in a past lifetime my soul had been married to my father’s soul “” one of the reasons, I’m sure, why I completely adored my father in this lifetime. The effect of these messages, for me, was one of grounding me. Even if I didn’t like what I’d been told, even if, like anyone would, I fought against losing my brother and against whatever it was that decided I would not have children, the fact that I’d been told these things in advance eventually helped me gain perspective.

What happens to us when we die?
People have fears. They’ve heard about going into the Light and want to know, does it hurt walking into the Light? Do we lose our memories? Is everything there that we had before?

What I’ve heard from the souls on the Other Side is that when we die we leave either through our feet or the top of the head. On this side I’ve heard of the “silver cord” that supposedly attaches us to life here, but no one from over there has ever mentioned this to me. It’s hard to describe exactly how we are moving “” it’s a bit like floating, a bit like walking, a bit like flying, it’s a “˜gravitating’ toward the Light. There’s a feeling of anticipation “” maybe a little fear, but more anticipation.

Nothing at all is forgotten. In fact, whereas now we can only remember some highlights of our past, over there we remember every single moment and detail. Everything we knew, loved, or experienced.

When we die, within seconds of entering the Light we experience a knowing. We get a fast-forward review of our lives and see the whole domino effect of all of our actions. We feel everything we made someone else feel “” the joy, the hurt. We see and understand the whole domino effect of all our actions and of every interaction we had with anyone. And we know and understand what our purpose was in this lifetime.

There’s a period of transition, a time we get to reflect on our life “” I don’t feel that this is standardized in any way; it’s different from individual to individual. For many there may be a necessary period of healing any physical or emotional issues, especially forgiving ourselves for anything we did while living that we don’t feel proud of, that may have hurt someone, before we are able to interact with this side, the living, again. At all times we are given help in healing what we “shoulda woulda coulda” done in our lives here.” Sometimes there is sadness at what we wish we could have done differently. We’re encouraged to heal any anger or guilt. But there is also what we would think of as physical healing “” even though it’s not really physical, it’s spiritual. I can’t tell you how often someone who has been sick when they died, maybe even have been missing parts of their body, have told me in spirit that they are completely healed and healthy, and completely whole. Someone who may have had great difficulty walking or even standing on this side at the end of their life will tell me that over there they are dancing.

The true beauty of the Light is that it is total harmony. Here, we can spend a lifetime in the dark. We don’t know what we are doing or the effect we are having. But when we get over there, we get a clear view of what this side is all about.

What do we look like when we die?
We no longer have any physical appearance. We’re pure energy. When I’m doing a reading, the dead do have ways of showing me some appearance that allows me to describe them to their loved one on this side, but to be honest, I don’t know how they do that.

What is there to do on the Other Side?
There are so many dimensions, we have the choice of any kind of beauty we wish to experience. Whatever we loved is there “” how could it be paradise otherwise? If we liked baseball on this side, we might choose to spend most of our time in a big beautiful baseball park, watching or playing our favorite game. If we liked to fish we can choose to be on a gorgeous, sparkling lake. If we liked the mountains, we could go skiing for as long as we want. If we liked music, we might be in a wonderful music hall. These dimensions are all created by God.

I was doing a reading for this woman once and I said, “Your husband is there with so-and-so and they are playing checkers.” She said, “No, they always played backgammon together.” OK, I’m not perfect “” I always say this “” but the point is that the game they enjoyed on this side, they still were playing on that side. I’ve had spirits tell me they are still enjoying their weekly card games, whatever!

Do dead people watch us shower? Does Grandma know I like to do that in bed?
Sure they can! And Grandma certainly does “¦ They see us in the bathroom and they see us in the bedroom! But who cares? They’re dead! Who’re they gonna tell anything?

Don’t freak out. The thing you need to remember is that they are not in the flesh “” they remember the flesh, but it’s not of any concern to them any more. They’re not judging. It’s not like they’re going, “Whoa! Has she got a big butt!” or “If I was him, I’da shaved that!” or “Holy Moly! Did ya ever see such a big “¦” Well, you get the point. The dead are not “Peeping Toms” “” they don’t get any special thrill out of “watching,” it’s not entertainment to them “” that’s thinking in human terms. They just look at it like human nature, like we might see two animals going at it and just look at it as animal nature. Maybe we might smile, or even laugh. But it’s not judgment. We don’t expect a couple of dogs or squirrels to be embarrassed that we see them doing what they’re doing. Yes, the dead certainly do see us in the shower or making love, but it’s just like we might witness an ordinary act of human kindness. We don’t judge it. We just smile and think, “how beautiful.” They are just happy that you are experiencing love or maybe just one-night-stand pleasure. They are happy for you. The dead are not nearly as stuffy about sex “” not even our dead Sicilian fathers!

And before you even ask the question “” yes, they also see all our secret, sneaky behavior “”they see us raiding the refrigerator and scarfing up the ice cream and the leftover lasagna when we’re supposed to be on a diet; they see us picking our nose when we can’t find a kleenex. Again, in their eyes, it’s just ordinary human behavior. No judgment. They also see us in the operating room and in the classroom, and at our holiday table. They enjoy with us all the events we celebrate in our life and they also walk us through our sorrows and heartaches.

Is it possible to ask the dead for a moment of privacy? Can we have a “Would you please avert your eyes, Grams?” moment with the Other Side?
I hate to break it to you, but, no. Even if you said, “Don’t look,” that wouldn’t stop them. What about God? You never think about God looking, right? It’s the same thing. Does God ever stop looking? No. When your grandparents are over there, they are one with God. You can’t just turn that off or hide from it.

Interesting, but also troubling to think your loved one that has passed might be watching the next time you are having sex!

Concetta Bertoldi\'s book Do Dead People Watch Us shower?Concetta Bertoldi\'s book Do Dead People Watch Us shower?Concetta Bertoldi photographed with orb

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