Cindy Brady “Susan Olsen” All Grown Up: About to Throw Up!


Cindy Brady \

Cindy Brady, Susan Olsen, the youngest of the Brady Bunch clan shows up to the Jet 107.9 radio station interview with a massive hangover.

The youngest member of TV’s favorite fictitious family “The Brady Bunch” nearly blew chunks during a Denver radio appearance Thursday morning.

Actress Susan Olsen showed up at the Darren and Coba show at Jet 107.9 with a massive hangover. She answered their questions, looking extremely queasy the entire time.

Susan Olsen “Cindy Brady” finally admitted she had a major hangover and darted from the studio, presumably to look for a restroom.

Olsen’s 12-year-old son, sat next to his mom during the interview, and told the radio audience to “watch her drink like a pig” at a local bar tonight (Thursday). Great role model huh?

You can view the video of Cindy Brady “Susan Olsen’s Jet 107.9 interview here.

Cindy Brady aka Susan Olsen of the Brady Bunch with her sonCindy Brady, Susan Olsen, from her Brady Bunch DaysCindy Brady, Susan Olsen, with her sonThe Brady Bunch Kids, Cindy Brady nearly throws up in interviewThe Brady Bunch Kids, Cindy Brady nearly throws up in interview

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