Chuck Berry cancelled his concert.


Chuck Berry had a sell out concert when he suddenly cancelled his show and disappeared. Berry, who turned 82 this year, had earlier made a commitment to perform at the Carracedo Monastery, in northern Spain.

Berry’s management called the concert organizers to cancel his show and they said that Chuck Berry had flown out of Spain. The organizer faced immense difficulties due to the last minute cancellation and has threatened to take legal action.

There was widespread speculation that Chuck Berry may be suffering from poor health. Rumors said that he suffered pain while he was on stage during a concert in this current tour.

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  1. He turned up at Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, MO that same day; chatting to fans and appearing in great health. He will be sued by his own agent which he has still not reimbursed for the 150,000 USD he stole from him.

  2. Niek: These promoters have insurance against unforseen circumstances. I would hold out judgement before calling an 82 year old man a thief. With more of his life behind him, than ahead of him, chances are he really DOESN'T feel so hot. Geez.

  3. In most reports they say: "A source close to the entertainer in Paris said: “There were rumours that he’s not been feeling well during his current tour, and suffered pain on stage at a concert."

    From a very reliabele source maybe even closer to the entertainer I heard a completely different story. Mr. Berry first cashed all the money for these shows, than asked for even more, which they gave to him, and than he cancelled those two shows. Similair thing happend a few weeks ago, he took money for a few shows, cancelled them, and on the day of the cancelled shows he was playing a show in Hawaii, they were paying him more, he kept the money of the shows he cancelled though. I feel very sorry for those people who lost money, and I really don't think that it's fair that Chuck uses illnes as an excuse to steal money from others.


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