Christopher Ciccone claimed that Madonna & Ingrid Casares were close.


Ingrid Casares (left) and Madonna.

Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, has written a tell all book called, “Life With My Sister Madonna.” He has described Madonna’s relationship with Ingrid Casares, the girlfriend of Sandra Bernhard. The source said that Bernhard was a lesbian comedian.

Ciccone described Ingrid Casares as being tall, thin and cool. Madonna and Ingrid met when Sandra Bernhard brought her along to a gathering. Madonna did not like criticism and Ingrid never criticized Madonna nor disagreed with her. That was how Madonna and Ingrid became fast friends.

Ciccone wrote how Ingrid Casares fitted into Madonna’s personality like a hand into a glove. Ingrid was financially independent and was free to make herself at the disposal of Madonna. Ingrid was discreet and never betrayed Madonna. She was close to Madonna for 15 years. Ciccone wrote that Madonna had never confirmed nor denied about the sexual nature of her relationship with Ingrid Casares. May be they were just good friends.

Source: DM

Pics: WENN, DM



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