Christie Brinkley Gets Sole Custody Of Kids: Brinkley/Cook Divorce Case Settled


Christie Brinkley gets sole custody of kids in divorce settlement

Christie Brinkley will retain sole custody of her children after reaching a settlement in her ugly divorce battle with ex-husband, Peter Cook.

After a very public “skewering” of Peter Cook and his sex addiction and extra-marital affairs, it seems the Brinkley divorce trial has been settled.

The agreement came around 6:15 a.m. Thursday after overnight negotiations.

A source tells the Post that Cook, 49, will continue their current custody arrangement: He will get their kids, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10, every Wednesday and alternating weekends, plus alternating weeks during the summer.

Brinkley, 54 “” who will keep all 18 properties in the Hamptons that were being disputed “” also agreed to pay him $2.1 million.

“I am very happy with the settlement,” Brinkley told Access Hollywood as she entered court Thursday. “Didn’t sleep a wink. It’s a great day.”

Asked Wednesday if a settlement were in the works, Brinkley pressed her hands together and told reporters, “It’s what I hope and pray for.”

The settlement marks the end of a bitter, and embarrassing public battle for the both of them.

Brinkley, who broke down several times on the stand, had accused Cook of having a $3000 a month internet porn habit, and of destroying their 10-year marriage by having an affair with his teenage assistant, Diana Bianchi.

“My world was completely shattered,” Brinkley said of learning he cheated on her in 2006.

Bianchi’s attorney told The Insider that “the settlement should put an end to this chapter in all of their lives and Diana is looking forward to moving on and putting this all behind her.

“This has been a media frenzy and put her in the spotlight and she is looking forward to regaining her private life again,” the attorney said. “She is all grown up and becoming a woman and looks forward to embracing her future.”

Brinkley also alleged that he had been arrested for buying drugs at a gay porn truck stop.

Cook apologized for the affair and porn usage, but insisted neither affected his parenting skills.

Cook also unleashed on Brinkley, saying she had anger issues and suggested that she was trying to launch a smear campaign against him for requesting a public trial.

Asked about Brinkley’s crying while on stand, Cook sniped, “Shrek was more believable.” Despite the humiliation, he said the trial was “about parenting and remaining in my children’s lives.”

In the end, a court-appointed psychologist testified that Brinkley should get full custody because Cook’s narcissism “could cause harm” to their children.

The doctor also said that Brinkley (who has wed four different guys) needed “to start working on deeper issues,” including “her choice of male figures.”

Brinkley divorce video here.

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