Cheyenne Kimball (Photo) vs Miley Cyrus: Who Sings “These Four Walls” Best?


Miley Cyrus has written lots of her album but did a song previously recorded by Cheyenne Kimball called “These Four Walls”. Which version do you like best?


  1. I dont like peepy voice from Cheyenne Kimball. so I know that Miley Cyrus is the best one…

    btw other ppl sould agree with me ;D

  2. Cheyenne's version is so much better <3 sweeter, more emotional.

    I love Miley, and love her other music, but in this song Miley really only sings the chorus well… the rest is not so good. I also agree

  3. Cheyenne, without a doubt. Her voice is a much better tone for the song. Miley's voice is much too strong and deep to pull it off.

    I have nothing against Miley Cyrus, but she really did butcher the song.

  4. miley has much more emotion and power to her voice. cheyenne sounds very high piched and squeeky.

    i do like them both alot but personaly i like miley better

  5. CHEYENNE!!!! I love that girl. That is real emotion coming from her. She recorded it when her father was in the hospital for God's sake. Plus she a better singer anyway. GO CHEY!!!!!!!!

  6. Um..yeah I’ve been a fan of cheyenne since she came out and when I heard mileys version I was kinda pissed cuz her voice isn’t the best to pull off a song that’s suppose to have some high pitches in it and mileys voice can’t do that. Sucks that cheyenne has the better voice and no one listens to her any more and mileys not even that great a singer and everyone is in love with her. What happened to all the great singeres out there??

  7. CHEYENNE KIMBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all she has a WAY more natural voice!

    Second of all she was the FIRST one to sing the song in am album!

    Third of all she wrote the song!

    And fourth of all in my opinion it sounds like Miley needs to stick with her alto position because she CANNOT hitvthe high notes in that song!!
    I just think of antthing else for her DAD to write besides a guy beung the fly on the wall… Or re-created a already GREAT song! Shr ruined the song COMPLETELY! i really think Miley is just seeking attention! UGH!

    Im NOT a big fan of MIley at the moment!!!!!!

  8. MILEY!!!! she defenitely sings it better!! miley has a better voice cheyenne just sounds like a dying walrus! no offense! go miley


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