Charlize Theron Pregnant By Boyfriend Stuart Townsend?


Charlize Theron photo with boyfriend Stuart Townsend, is she pregnant?

Rumors are flying that Charlize Theron could be pregnant by sexy boyfriend of 6 years, Stuart Townsend.

The latest pregnancy rumor has it that Charlize Theron is the next pregnant celebrity. But is it true?

At the red carpet premiere for “Hancock”, Charlize was asked if she was pregnant, and she refused to answer.

Was she just offended by the question, or is she pregnant and not yet ready to tell the world?   Perhaps the beautiful South African Actress has just put on a little weight?

Charlize Theron said in an interview that she feels “unsexy” when she is too skinny. The Oscar-winning actress had to quite a bit of weight for a movie role, and said she prefers to be curvier.

Charlize actually gained over 28 lbs when she played murdered Aileen Wuornos in the 2003 moveie, “Monster”. In the movie, “Sweet November”, Charlize went down to a size 6. Charlize said, “I remember being cold and wrapping my arms around my body and feeling ribs and bone. I felt totally unsexy.”

The beautiful blonde has dated Stuart Townsend since meeting on the set of 2002’s “Trapped”. The couple lives together in Los Angeles.

We will have to wait and see if there is a pregnancy confirmation soon for Charlize Theron. Do you think Charlize looks pregnant?

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