Carla Bruni Naked Photos – French President Nicolas Sarkozy Wanted Copies!


Carla Bruni Sarkozy graces the cover of September’s Vanity Fair Cover, with an in depth interview. Vanity Fair suggests Carla Bruni is the next Jackie O. Carla Bruni speaks about her naked photos, and says Nicolas Sarkozy saw them and wanted copies.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy faced criticism after stalled reform, his flashy style, and public divorce. Then on the heels of this comes his whirlwind marriage to Carla Bruni. Carla Bruni is an Italian heiress, ex-model, and singer with romantic ties to Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, among others.

But it appears, Carla Bruni Sarkozy is a valuable asset, and the couple seems to be a great match.

At a young age, Carla Bruni learned how to deal with men. “Carla is the hunter, not the hunted,” says a man who knew her in her teens. “She is a female womanizer.”

“I think it is a major duty for a woman to be independent,” Carla Bruni stated. She did not want to be like her grandmother, who was widowed at 34 and “never had another man.” She adds, “Independence was my obsession when I was 20. It was not making money; it was making my own money. Modeling meant I did not have to rely on my parents or a man.” Traveling was also important. “I learned how other people lived. I was trying to speak other languages,” she says. “Modeling has a reputation for emptiness, but it’s not. It is certainly not German philosophy, but it was very instructive, because it was made up of real life. You travel, you are always alone, and you better be well grounded, because it’s easy to lose yourself.”

Carla Bruni became a mother in 2001, at age 33, when she had her son, Aurélien. The child’s father, Raphaí«l Enthoven, was 25, a handsome professor and a radio-show host. It was said that Carla stole Raphaí«l away from his wife, author Justine Lévy. At the time, Carla was said to be the mistress of Raphaí«l’s father, publisher Jean-Paul Enthoven, the best friend of Justine’s father, the famed French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Bruni denies these rumors. She claims that she had only had dinner with the elder Enthoven “five or six times.”

It was not until April 2000, she says, that she ran into Raphaí«l on his bicycle on the Boulevard Saint-Germain and he told her he was getting a divorce. She became pregnant that November.

In May 2007, after Carla Bruni and Raphael had been together nearly seven years, he told her he thought they should separate. But they remained on friendly terms.

Carla was approaching her 40th birthday, finishing the promotion of her second album, of songs in English, and coming to grips with being a single mother”””sharing time, sharing holidays, preparing my son for his first serious school.” Bruni recalls, “We went through the summer, and then in September I was alone in this house with my little boy. And then I met Nicolas, on the 13th of November.”

At a dinner one night, she had mentioned to her host if he knew anyone who was available. Carla Bruni found herself seated next to the French president. Carla Bruni had not voted for him, and at first she did not feel comfortable. “I wasn’t thinking of that,“ she tells me. “I was thinking of someone more related to my life.” Séguéla reminded her that she had stipulated only that the person be free.

“I was in love at first sight,” Carla confesses. “I was really surprised by him, by his youth, his energy, his physical charm””which you could not actually see so much on television””his charisma. I was surprised by everything“”his poise, and what he said, and the way he said it.”

Carla asked Sarkozy for a ride home that evening and gave him her number. “Then I called Jacques and said, “˜What did you do? Why did you introduce me to this man? He is so charming! And now what is going to happen? He didn’t even call me.'”Š” Séguéla says he told her, “He only left you five minutes ago!” Carla concludes, “Actually, Nicolas did call a little later that same night.”

Carla invited him to lunch and it confirmed their connection. When her son came downstairs to be introduced to Sarkozy, the president said, “Your mother invited me to lunch. Is it all right if I come back sometime?” Aurélien answered, “Only if Mummy wants you to.”

Carla says Sarkozy was serious from the beginning. “That is very rare to get in a man. I was already 39 when I met him. I already had my son. So the normal situation would be to date slowly, but he’s not a slow man. He said, “˜I’m completely in love with you, and I’d really love to marry you.'”Š”

But how many Presidents would choose a woman with their nude photos all over the internet?

“I never realized how many nude pictures I did before I met Nicolas,” says Carla. She decided to show him the pictures herself, on her computer. “I took him and said, “˜O.K., now I need to show you, because I posed in the nude. But I never did sexy pictures.'”Š” She considers nude pictures by photographers such as Helmut Newton and Steven Meisel works of art. “They’re great artists,” she says, adding, “Plus, I have a body that would allow me to pose nude without being very provocative.”

She says she told Sarkozy, looking at the nude photos, “You must know that this is going to come out.”

“And what did he say?,” I ask.

“He said, “˜Oh, I like this one! Can I have a print of it?'”Š”

The two were married, and even then rumors swirled that the ring Sarkozy gave Bruni was the same as the one had had given to a former wife, Cecelia.

When asked how she liked being compared to Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, Bruni says, “She was so young and modern, and of course unconsciously I would project myself more like Jackie Kennedy than, for instance, Madame de Gaulle, who would be much more like the classical French woman behind her husband. There is a great photograph of Madame de Gaulle serving soup to her husband. I do serve soup to my husband sometimes, but I wouldn’t get photographed that way.”

Carla Bruni Sarkozy, now 40, wants to give birth to a baby at the Elysee. “I’d love to have children with Nicolas. I hope to, if I am young enough. It would be a dream.” Nevertheless, she has ruled out fertility programs. “If it comes, I’d be the happiest person in the world, but if it doesn’t come, I’m not going to tempt the Devil.” Lighting another slim cigarette, Carla says, “If life doesn’t give me another child, well, it has given me so much already.”

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Source: VF print


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