Camille Hayton (Photos): NY Girl Of My Dreams Breakup Confirmed


Camille Hayton, NY Girl of My Dreams, tracked down by Patrick Moberg after seeing her on the subway, have ended their relationship.

In a modern day romance, Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg spotted Camille Hayton on the subway, and tracked her down in a search.   It was a love story that had New Yorkers and the internet hooked. A 21 year old NY web designed, Patrick Moberg, saw the woman of his dreams one day while riding the subway.

Patrick had no idea how to locate the woman, so he sketched a picture of her and put up a website.

This sketch was all it took to get people to help find the girl. Within 48 hours he ended up meeting the NY girl of his dreams, who turned out be Camille Hayton.

Camille Hayton and Patrick Moberg’s romance was so romantic and inspired many as they heard of their story.

But recently someone bumped into Camille Hayton while she was waitressing and asked her about being the subway girl. She replied that it was “such a long time ago”, which sounded bad and it turns out they are no longer together.

Patrick Moberg did not want to tell anyone of their breakup “because I loved the idea of people making their own endings to our unusual story”, he said.

Camille Hayton told the Aussie press, “We dated for a while, but now we’re just friends,” Camille Hayton says. “It’s really nice that people embraced the story. It is part of my life now.”

Camille Hayton said she dated Patrick Moberg for about two months, but things did not work out.

“The situation was so intense that we bonded in a way that you could mistake for being more romantic than it was. But I wanted to give it a go, so I wouldn’t later wonder, ‘What if, what if?'”, Camille stated.

Their relationship lasted all of 2 months. Patrick Moberg wrote a “little” illustrated book about the experience. And Camille Hayton landed a small role on As The World Turns and was an extra on Sex And The City.

Their story is so sweet, so why did their relationship end?

Well Camille Hayton gave a little clue stating, “We see each other now and then and we email quite a bit – I guess that’s his forte,” Camille said.

Sad to hear their romance ended!

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