Bridget Nisivoccia Interior Designer: Another Peter Cook Affair?


Bridget Nisivoccia, interior designer, to testify on affair with Peter Cook

Bridget Nisivoccia, interior designer, is the next female expected to testify in the Peter Cook-Christie Brinkley divorce trial. It looks as if Nisivoccia might have also had an affair with Peter Cook.

With Peter Cook’s admitted sex addiction and extensive porn habit, it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that there are more extra-marital affairs of Peter Cook’s coming to light.

The latest woman in the Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley divorce trail is said to be Bridget Nisivoccia, an interior designer. She is a pretty blond that was hired to design Peter Cook’s new home in Sag Harbor.

SBridget Nisivoccia is expected to become part of the divorce trial this week when another witness discusses Nisivoccia’s connection to Cook, a source close to the case told The Daily News.

The 36-year-old interior decorator has become part of the growing list of women in Cook’s life since his 10-year marriage to Brinkley, 54, dissolved in 2006.

Thus far, the source isn’t saying there was an affair but it is expected to “come out” in trial that Bridget Nisivoccia and Peter Cook were romantically involved. Nisivoccia described their relationship as “professional.”

Briget Nisivoccia tells the Daily News, “We have mutual clients and share a professional relationship and a respected friendship.”

Fitness model Carri Lyn Ciamarra, who dated Cook for about six months last year, has been called to testify Thursday along with Cook’s current girlfriend, Suzanne Shaw.

As week two of the Brinkley-Cook divorce trial begins today, both sides will begin the battle over custody of the couple’s kids – Jack, 13, and Sailor Lee, 10.

We all know Peter Cook is a “sex freak”, do you think this will turn out to be another affair exposed?

Peter Cook new affair surfaces with Bridget Nisivoccia in divorce trialChristie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorce trail underwayBridget Nisivoccia interior designer and another affair for Cook?

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  1. it certainly looks like there isn’t an easily available woman in Long Island that Peter Cook hasn’t hooked up with.

    I certainly hope both Brinkley and Bianchi have had an entire battery of STD tests.
    That’s what *I’d be most concerned about at this point were it me.


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